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Hi all!

Here is the deal.
This is raw and vulnerable - I’m coming out of a hard to believe domestic abuse situation.

I am 35 yr old guy and I feel like I haven’t found my artful honest humans yet because I intentionally stayed under a rock for the last 10 years, battling to find myself.

I’m starving for human joy that can align with my identity, the meaning of why I am here.

I want to make art with real people.

I’m not seeking friends/dating, because it’s impossible to seek that at surface level for me. Art defines my experience, it is what I have always pursued and it is the frame through which the rest of my life will become manifested.

I want to make art with real people.
What kind of art? Depends on you, but in a moment I’ll describe my disciplines and interests as a creative.

I want to live my life with you , it must be a collaboration. I feel like there is so much I can only express by resonation. It requires YOU.

Art is an extremely sensitive space and for me it is all there is.
It may ultimately be impossible to trust other people but finding common ground of creative unity is the only way to start.

The truth of living my life is ONLY conveyed in the exact intersection of the following disciplines.

Interests and disciplines

-kink / physical expression - sex positivity (I am willfulness fetish dominant, straight) for all of my life basically I’ve been fascinated with video/fiction/documentary and photography art expressing the primal human desire and instincts. It is one of the things we could make.

-heavy expressive music : are you a Nin, slipknot, korn, cult of luna, opeth fan? This realm of creativity gave me life and strength from early on and I feel like I haven’t yet found the other humans that fit in this same circle with me. I appreciate and make very heavy, grandiosely emotive music. I was raised by George Carlin, Douglas Adams, Marshall mathers and these heavy - deep music makers took it from there.

-psychonaut - at a young age I had an accidental / abuse near death experience with gasoline, I hallucinated wire colored geometry flying against blackness. Since then I’ve been pursuing mind growth, neurogenesis, and the idea of nature’s medicines for both healing and the realization of our true consciousness as Alive. Only very recently have I begun to feel like the final version of me in the neurogenesis of building my brain.

-Adventure gaming - I have this profile sentence : games are my religion.
Blizzard and Nintendo game experiences have 100% shaped who I am. I am highly focused on expressing education, growth, wellbeing, the general Zen of being alive through adventure gameplay / game world exploration and especially the cooperative element of this. I’m looking for humans to play Warcraft classic and be part of creating my educational learning designs in this realm, also including other classic gaming that heavily features Nintendo and a few other essential old school PC gaming experiences.

So this is me. I feel like I’ve done the maximum living I can do all by myself. I need you on my level in order to go any further. I am advancing from single player to 2 player / online now. I beat the final boss in single player, myself. It was a long battle. Please join me.

Not to see the unity of being and non being is the fear of death
And not to see the unity of self and other is the fear of life
Alan Watts
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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